The True Story of the Night Ibinabo Fibresima Killed Dr Giwa – Eyewitness


Nollywood actress and President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, Ibinabo Fibresima is currently serving a 5 year jail term in prison for her involvement in the fatal accident of Dr Suraj Giwa in 2006.

Ibinabo was sentenced to five years in prison by a Lagos High Court for reckless driving which resulted in the death of a staff, Giwa Suraj of a Lagos state hospital in 2006.

Ibinabo for the past few weeks has dominated the headlines following the dismissal of her appeal against the sentence.

Popular Nollywood director and critic, Charles Novia on Thursday, March 18 shared an eyewitness account of the accident that happened in February 2006.

The anonymous witness who goes by the name, De Gaulle claims to have been present at the scene of the accident and narrated how Ibinabo wasn’t responsible for the doctor’s death.

Here are five things he said about the accident below:

1. “That evening, what happened was that the Doctor’s car was coming from the Victoria Island axis of the first Lekki Roundabout which leads into the Lekki Phase One Estate, while another SUV which was being driven by Ibinabo was coming out from the estate, if I remember correctly. I cannot tell who was speeding or what but we heard a loud crash and then I think the doctors car somersaulted while the other car driven by Ibinabo was flung a few metres to the other side.”

2. “It was early evening. There was still the last trace of evening light. It might have been just before seven o’clock or after seven. But it wasn’t late.”

3. “What got my attention was the special number plates on the car which read ‘ DANIEL WILSON’ a popular musician in the nineties in Nigeria.”

4. “At that point, the man was very much alive. I swear he was alive and groaning but he was alive. His arm was crushed or underpinned by the impact of the car and I still think that it was the inexperience of the area boys and bystanders in trying to pull the man out of the car, which killed him faster.”

5. “She didn’t run away from the scene of the accident at all. I was the person who put her in a taxi to a hospital.”

Source: Pulse

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