They say this woman could be the oldest woman in Nigeria

As the world celebrated ‘Mother’s Day’ on Sunday, March 26, the photos of a woman who is the oldest woman in a LGA in Rivers state, and believed to be the oldest in Nigeria have surfaced online.

A group on Facebook identified as, Ask Obalga Youths took to the social networking platform to post photos and share the story of a woman who is the oldest woman in Obio Akpor LGA of Rivers state. The woman identified as Madam Sarah Nwakohwu Wuche, was born in 1883, she is currently 134 years.

They posted the picture of the woman with how they intend to pay her visit so they can celebrate Mother’s Day with her. Their post reads:

“REMINDER In a bid to make ASSOCIATION OF OBIO/AKPOR YOUTHS (AOY) Great again the President general and his Excos set up a committee to search for the oldest Woman in Obio-Akpor ,Subsequently the committee headed by Chief Acheru Wagwu chairman, comrade Allwell Chinwor secretary, Mr Nkem Nnadi, Mr Azeru Oziri, Hon. Ikwunga Chinedu Gift,Chimenem Steve ,Atuzie Kennedy, Kelvin C. Amadi, Pamoses Omah,Mrs Nneoma Queen and Perperbuchim Abel as members . In a bid in making AOY great again the mothering Sunday committee have withdrawn the earlier nomination made by Confirming the New nominee in Person of Madam Sarah Nwakohwu Wuche from Rumuwokerebe in Rumuokwurusi community born 1883 till date wit age bracket of (134yrs) .in view of the this we ask that madam Sarah haven met the criteria as the current oldest woman in Obio/Akpor local Government Area as confirmed by the Joint committee and AOY President General Amadi Promzy Chimenem today 25-3-2017.”

A tweet was also shared online on the 27th of March, which read: “Meet the OLDEST WOMAN in Nigeria. Madam Sarah Nwakohwu Wuche. Born 1883..She is 134 Years old. 1883 Yo!”

The tweet quickly went viral, garnering almost 10,000 retweets.

Do you think this is Nigeria’s oldest woman?

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Can't remember who i stole this bio from or why

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