Woman laments after her partner of 10 years abandoned her on wedding day

A lady has been left with huge unpaid bills after her partner of 10-years who both planned their dream wedding in Greece failed to show up.

In a mail sent to The Shade Room, the lady identified as Sasha said her 10 years relationship with her now ex-partner ended in just 10 minutes.

She said even during the planning of their wedding, she was one spending for almost everything, although she was unfazed about it.vBut on the D-day, her man failed to show up, leaving her heartbroken and in debt.

In a mail she sent to The Shade Room, she said; “This was suppose to be me and my ex-fiance, but he never showed up to our wedding on Mon and we never went to Greece. I didn;t get insurance for our trip and lost over 3 grand. [$3,000], not including all the vendors i paid out of pocket myself. He paid for nothing.

“People showed up and flew from everywhere and went back home after the venue turned them around. I found out he never paid the venue. I was at the hotel getting ready with my girls when this went down. 10 years gone in 10 mins. I purchased a dress for $3,000, paid the dj $2,400, photographer $4,000 and other small purchases totalling $2,000.

“He spent $300 for my hair and nails and $500 for the venue deposit which he told me he paid but was a lie, he never paid it. We even had a bridal shower. I’m in a dream-reality now.”



Can't remember who i stole this bio from or why

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