Woman Slashes 10 Year Old Girl With A Blade & Knife Over N20

On Tuesday when a nursing mother, simply identified as Iya Keji, assaulted her husband’s niece, Bose with knife and blade over an alleged N20 theft.

The incident happened in Egbeda when Iya Keji, who is now at large, had woken up since 5am and begun beating the girl.

A neighbor said;

“Iya Keji is not a human being. I cannot imagine that it is just because of the N20 the girl stole that made her to almost kill her. The woman had been beating this girl for hours in their room, and people were wondering what was happening, not until this morning when the girl came out and exposed her,”

It was also gathered that the suspect had, for some time, denied Bose education as she was withdrawn from school and made to hawk shoes.
Police are currently on her trail.

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