Zimbabwean Man Who Saved Two Children From Burning House In The UK To Be Deported

A man who saved two children from a house fire has been told he has to leave the country.

Robert Chilowa, 46, was praised for his bravery after running into a neighbour’s burning house in Withington, Manchester, on February 10.

The Zimbabwean, who has been in the UK since 2001, managed to save a boy and girl after telling them to jump into his arms once he was inside. Their older sister had already leaped from a window.

But now he faces deportation back to Africa, where he fears for his safety, after immigration officials told him he had to leave as there was ‘no case to answer’.

‘It is a slap in the face,’ he said.

‘Friends said, “When are you going to see the Queen? When are you going to be knighted?

‘I did a great job but now what they are saying is, “Get lost.”’

He has also been ordered to leave his home in Manchester by March 11 after support from the Home Office was ended.

Mr Chilowa, who was praised by police and fire chiefs for his bravery, can no longer claim benefits. as well.

He added: ‘It really broke my heart what I’m going through now. I did nothing wrong. I don’t have a criminal record. Someone should have a heart.’

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