See Omotola Jalade’s Response To Fan Who Asked Her For Job As Housemaid

Star actress, Omotola Jalade has given a controversial and straight forward response to a fan who asked her for a job, using social media.

The response given by the Nollywood actress, popularly known as Omosexy seems not to have gone down well with her fans who think she was rude to the young lady.

It all started when  the actress posted a picture on social media and a lady, probably a fan asked the actress to help her get a job, “even as a maid”.

The female fan wrote: “Ma’am you are really amazing in style, Confidence, exemplary life, exposure, credibility and other wise….please ma’am help me get a job, even if it is as a maid, i will be the happiest. Am a graduate, please help me ma’am”

Omotola replied: “Even though i don’t encourage pple who beg, pls send a proper mail to the email on my twitter page”This reply infuriated some of her fans who think she was rude to the young lady who was only asking for her help. Some said she should have just ignored the request instead of calling her a beggar.

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    1. Not her fault, no one knew how long she has been in search for a job, nevertheless we hear different tinz about graduates everyday

  1. After this incident I dislike her now. Omotola I know you maybe born with a silver spoon, life it’s not all about that oo.

  2. As graduate now in Nigeria , getting job is no mean fit . However, coming down to the level as housemaid do not befit a graduate . I think she need to properly evaluate her life purpose and if she was really a quality graduate. Self development is highly recommended for all graduates this day . First of all, we have abused going to university , we dont all have to go . Learning basic skills is preferable as this sells more than the fake degree we berg . Exam runs at every level has watered down the quality of our graduates . It is really disheartening