Vector tha Viper and MI Abaga Shade Each Other on Instagram!

Vector tha Viper and MI Abaga are going at it on Instagram.

Both rappers seem not too happy with each other, and they are not shy of expressing their feelings for each other.

Drama started when MI went on Pulse TV to talk about the direction his career his taking, and he also chirped some words about how he is the rapper who likes to work with everybody.

That comment ticked off Vector, who apparently has been holding a grudge against the older artiste. “Firstly, you mailed me a beat sometime ago on some ‘let’s make this dope record happen’ but yeah that was all it was,” the upset Vector began. “You were also supposed to be on the #Kingkongremix but yeah we all must have gotten very busy.”

He continued, “So let me make this clear… 16 bars is nothing, i’m not the type to involve in fake talks so… yeah… you said and i quote “i am the guy who wants to rap with everybody” ok then, LET’S RAP.”

This pissed MI Abaga off, because the Chocolate City boss quickly called out the younger artiste, asking why he chose to say such on a public platform, and that didn’t go down well with Vector.

Check out the post that started the drama:

And M.I’s response:


Can't remember who i stole this bio from or why

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