Video: Peter, Paul and Jude Okoye nearly come to blows during an altercation at their lawyer’s office

The bond between twins they say, is unbreakable, even more solid when they are identical.

Well, it seems that solid bond between Peter and Paul (Psquare) has been tested frequently as the brothers have called it quits several times, only this time, it gets messy.

A new video obtained by Linda Ikeji’s blog show the Psquare brothers and their elder brother, Jude almost coming to blows and verbally attacking each other.

The shocking video shows Jude and Paul Okoye teaming up against Peter, who recorded the video and dared his elder brother to beat him up.

According to LIB, the brothers were invited to Festus Keyamo’s office to discuss Peter’s request to dissolve their group, P-Square, which he said he would no longer be a part of due to irreconcilable differences.

In the letter Peter sent to Festus Keyamo, he alleged that their manager, his older brother Jude, threaten to murder him and his wife Lola, that this threat was made in the presence of the former First Lady of Cross River State.

Peter also alleged that Jude promised to buy him a coffin if he ever set foot on Jude’s property.

None of the brothers have openly addressed the ongoing drama, but someone close to them have published the video which shows them fighting at Keyamo’s office. And from the clip, Peter apparently recorded the event while raining insults on Jude, daring him to repeat the murder threats.

Paul could be also seen telling Peter, “Shame on Peter. shame on you!” with some men holding back Jude who tried to attack Peter.

Video below:


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