Female Corps Member Rocks Long Khaki Skirt As Her Uniform

A corps member presumed to be an active member of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) was spotted wearing an unusual uniform.

The young lady was seen rocking a long khaki skirt as to the khaki trouser worn by other corps members. While this is not a rare occurrence, it is considered not normal even though corps members have done all sorts of things to their uniforms all in the name of fashion or religion.

Sometimes, some ladies find it uncomfortable wearing trousers since their faith does not support it. They do everything humanly possible to adjust the uniform to outfits they are comfortable in without flouting their religious rules.

In the past, some female corps members have been daring and have turned their khaki trousers into crazy wears. Some have actually rocked bum shorts while trying to trend.

While this female corps member might not have been part of those who want to look crazy on purpose, she has altered the national uniform.


Can't remember who i stole this bio from or why

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