I can’t date or be with someone that doesn’t use an iPhone — Nigerian Lady

There are an immeasurable number of factors that can determine whether someone finds you attractive or not, such as your political bias or your fashion preference and lots more.

In today’s tech-obsessed society, your choice of smartphone may also have a significant impact on your love life, or lack thereof.

A new survey has found that 70 per cent of singles would prefer to date someone who owns an iPhone instead of an Android user, with nearly two in five stating that they believe the phone an individual uses can affect first impressions when on a date.

Android is the more popular mobile device used in Nigeria due to the high cost of an iPhone, but some people will rather be with someone who has a iPhone than an Android.

Just like this twitter user @chilala_km who says she can’t date or be with someone who doesn’t own an iPhone.

She tweeted; “I know this is stupid but i can’t date or be with someone that doesn’t use an iPhone”

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Can't remember who i stole this bio from or why

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