‘I’m a disgrace to God’ — Pastor who sent indecent photos to married lady

Few days ago, a Zambian pastor received major backlash after an indecent video of him surfaced on the internet.

Identified as Elder Charles Kalombo, the pastor of Bread of Life Church, Chingola Branch, Zambia received major heat after he was caught sending indecent videos of himself to a married woman.

According to the reports, the video shows him enticing the woman and boasting of his bedroom prowess to a married woman identified as Bana Mary. The husband discovered the video of the pastor and distributed it online.

A snapshot of the video he sent to the married woman

The pastor in question has come out to apologize church overseer, Bishop Joe Imakando, the couple and the nation for sending the video to the married woman. Kalombo said he considered himself an embarrassment to the church, stating the video was meant for his wife.

In his words: “I am very sorry for sending those n*de pics to a married woman it was just a mistake. The Bible says knock and the door shall be opened, seek and you be given and today I stand before you seeking for your forgiveness. I know I am a disgrace to Bishop Joe Imakando but please forgive me.

Elder Charles Kalombo preaching

Blaming his actions on the devil, he claimed it was not his intentions to send the video to the woman and went on to beg the husband not to punish or divorce her since she was innocent in all of this.

“She doesn’t know anything and it was not her fault but my mistake as I wanted to send them to my wife but mistakenly went to your wife”

The pictures and video of Kalombo went viral on social media after the husband found them in her wife’s smart phone and distributed them.


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