Man says politicians are the ones responsible for rituals, not yahoo boys (Video)

Of recent, there have been some uncanny events happening in Nigeria and most of these evil deeds have been pinned to ‘Yahoo boys’.

We’ve heard of guys stealing female pants, cutting away private parts of females, and more.

Earlier today, a video surfaced online and in it, an unnamed, unknown man was saying that yahoo boys are not behind these ‘ritual kil lings’ or stealing of pants. He claims these kil lings are getting perpetrated by politicians.

Interestingly though, he admits that yahoo boys take their victim’s pictures to native doctors and pastors, but they’ll never take a life to make money.

In the video, he says “There are some very wrong information going around the internet these days, Yahoo boy no day cut breast, yahoo boy no day carry girl go kil am, last last den go carry girl go f**k, pay am make the girl day go her own. All those ones way dem talk say dem theif pant, dem kil person, na politicians dey do those nonsense.

“Yahoo boys full South Africa, Malaysia, you here say dem day theif pant day cut breast for there? you hear say girls day run mad for there? Why e be say na only Nigeria those things day happen? Na because na our evil Politicians.

“Yahoo boy no dey do all those ones. Yahoo boy fit carry him client picture go give native doctor, e fit carry him laptop or client name go church make dem go pray put. Yahoo boy way of doing spiritual things is way different from say make dem carry girl go kil am. Yahoo boy no day kil girls, Na our evil politicians”

Watch the video below. (Swipe to watch all)


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