This Man’s Definition of a ‘Good Wife’ is earning him backlash on Social Media

A Nigerian man has taken to Facebook to share his own definition of what he believes to be attributes of a good wife.

According to the man identified as O’Thomas Rado on Facebook, he opines a good wife is someone who buys a land and builds a house with her own money and totally gives the ownership of the property to the husband.

He wrote: “A good wife is someone that bought a land and build a house with her own money, but use his husband name on the c of ownership.”

The post quickly went viral with over 4,800 comments.

The post didn’t seem to go well with many people in the group as they trolled on him, dragging him for his post and calling him a lazy man, who only wants to depend on his wife’s hard work.


Can't remember who i stole this bio from or why

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  1. A woman’s earning should be hers, the
    husband should be able to take care of
    the family while wife’s earning could be
    kept for raining day when finance
    become tight during capital projects or
    an emergency. It is important that the wife has separate account in case of the
    unexpected so that the man’s family do
    not take over everything claiming it
    belongs to their son. Even if the woman
    died before the husband too, as long as
    the account is separate her children and her other dependant would not be at
    the mercy of the husband reasoning too.