Nigerian Big Boy, Otunbacash arrested in Turkey for Fraud

Turkish police have detained members of an international criminal network allegedly founded by popular Nigerian big boy, who is known on social media as Otunba Cash.

According to a police source, Trouble started for him when the Danish police warned their Turkish counterparts through Interpol in May that a Denmark-based Turkish company’s e-mail system was breached and more than $1.4 million, as well as fake invoices, were sent to a front company in Turkey.

After the investigation, Turkey’s Cyber Crime Units detained the front company’s three Turkish employees, as well as five Nigerians, in a five-star hotel and luxurious residences in Istanbul.

The Nigerian suspects, led by Emanuel Aneke (Otunba Cash) are accused of hacking international companies’ emails, learning about their business partners and then using duplicate websites to fraud them.

Aneke’s luxury car and five necklaces worth some $65,000 were seized by the police, alongside a number of expensive accessories owned by the Nigerians.

While the luxury car used by Aneke was confiscated, 17 mobile phones, 15 sim cards, 3 flash memory, 4 computers, 1 memory card, $85k, €5k, 5 necklaces, 3 bracelets, 2 handcuffs, 2 rings, 1 earring, Rolex watch and numerous crime documents were recovered during the raid.

Police also found out that the gang’s ringleader was sharing photos of his bling on his popular Instagram account under the name of Otunba Cash.

Checkout some of Otunba Cash’s Instagram photos:

Watch the video of the raid/arrest below:

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