Thief Sends Hilarious Message to Owner of Phone She Stole

An undergraduate of the Federal University of Abeokuta, whose phone was stolen by a fellow student received a surprising, yet hilarious message from the thief.

The student whose phone got stolen had been attempting to reach the thief, making several phone calls until he received a message telling him to forget about his phone.

The thief stated that her own phone had been stolen twice in the school since she got in, so she encouraged the owner to steal someone else’s phone so the cycle can continue.

She wrote;

“Don’t hope on anything dear, I’m sorry. My phone has been stolen twice since I came to Funaab, take someone else’s too. Since we’ve decided to all be mad, let’s keep the cycle moving. I’m sorry it had to be your phone, it could have been anyone else. BTW, I’m not a brother and you’re wasting your time trying to reach out to me. Move on with life, like i’ve moved on. Sucess in your chm test.”

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Can't remember who i stole this bio from or why

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