Ritualist who pays N10k for Virgins’ pants, nabbed in Anambra

The shocking story of a man who pays 10K to boys who bring him ‘virgin pants’ (panties) in Anambra has been shared on Facebook. He was reportedly nabbed and arrested in Abagana area of Anambra State.

According to a Nigerian Pastor, Prophet Samuel Oduma, who shared the story, the man uses the pant for charms and rituals. Here’s what the Pastor wrote on his page;

“PRAYERS HAS GREAT POWERS TO DESTROY SHRINES. IT MAKES CHARMS TO BE EXPIRED. Some people said; Prophet Samuel, you talk a lot about prayers and fastings, yes prayers made me what I am today and we have abundant testimonies. #OKAY: This evil man was caught today at Abagana, Anambra State, Nigeria. He pays young boys 10,000 naira to collect virgins pants for him. He uses the pants for charms and rituals. Today he was exposed and disgraced. #PRAYER: I decree and prophesy that any charm or evil men or women working against your life and family shall be exposed and disgraced by fire in Jesus Christ name. JESUS CHRIST, #IMMANUEL IS MASTER. #FIREE. HALLELUJAH! #SHARE_IT_EVE”

Video below;

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