See Pastor Who Rolls Metal Barrel Over Members For Healing

A Zimbabwean Pastor has sparked media outrage over his methods of healing his congregants and performing miracles.

The pastor who rolls metal barrels over his church members joins the list of other controversial pastors who employ unconventional methods of performing miracles which includes giving insecticides to members, ordering them to masturbate and much more.

Prophet Wiriranayi Gomani of Jubilee City International Church in Zimbabwe reportedly walks over his members and sometimes rolls drums over them to perform miracles.

The self-proclaimed man of God while justifying his methods said:

”When we heal people they will be in comatose a spirit where angels will be surrounding them and giving them strength spiritually.”

“I do not use juju or any spirit but it is the power of God l support that with a verse in the bible Genesis chapter 2 verse 21 to 24 when Adam was put into a deep sleep by God to remove a rib so as to create Eve without any pain.

“In a similar incident in Exodus chapter 24 Moses took 40 days and 40 nights without food and he never got hungry but was finally advised to build Ark that is comatose.”

A local media in Kwayedza reported that many of the church members have testified positively to the prophet’s healing methods.

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