5 Months To Live? What is Tonto Dikeh Trying to Say?


Controversial Nollywood Actress, Tonto Dikeh shared the below message From her Hospital Bed on her instagram page.

We really don’t understand what she meant by 5 months to Live.

Read it up yourself:


“Wokeup today with a joyful heart,With a smile that only The Angels would understand..Am Happy even thru my pains and sorrows… I see LIFE differently and I wonder why he saves me each time,A little girl died this morning.She was my friend for a week,She was A great lil girl and she cld pray..

She believed and was faithful,God has his reasons.. But am alive And from this day I have only one thing to promise myself hardcore Self love and happiness..Am in a Very happy Place with me,Scared of course but am excited to know that I can be happy through anytin..

I use my self as a point of Contact to every sick person,I don’t know wat u re going thru but I proclaim healing and health into your lives.. By his stripes you are healed,I asked God for a miracle.It didn’t come as a healing it came in form of a Man (MrX) who is ready to hold my hands and make sure I know nothing but happiness till the end…Identify your miracle and Give God d glory even when the doctors say “Ma’am u have 5months to live… #ISmile #StrongWoman #HappyWoman #CheatingDeathwithAsmile #SpecialThankstomymedicalteamandDoctors #No Pity party needed #HAPPY WEEKEND SWEETIES

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Can't remember who i stole this bio from or why

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  1. You will get a mirracle sweetie,nothing will happen to you,the doctors have said,they are not God,him has the final say,wishing sound health in Jesus mighty name,Amen.

    1. my dear you have more than 50 years to live hold on to him he is your strength God has the final say he said I will make a way in the wilderness rivers in the desert hold on to his words he’s able recover soon

  2. My dear toto, I thank ALMIGHTY GOD JEHOVAH for saving your life, may his name be glorify and honour because he is worthy to be praise, my advice for you is to give your life to JESUS CHRIST of Nazareth meaning stop your sinful life and embrace righteousness, JESUS needs you. Be part in any program of omega fire ministry auchi edo state, my pastor apostle Johnson Suleiman, your life will never be the same again.

  3. I love you Tonto my adorable actress. You are coming out of that hospital hale,herty and completed healed IJN.

  4. Am happy for you d most important thing is knowing ur way, to be sure of heaven. God knows d best and he will see u true amen

  5. Well tonto dear, the doctor have spoken, but God have not spoken and he alone has the final say. you are too young to start thinking of death. pre-mature death is not your portion my dear, I pray for you today that you will live to glorify God. give your life to christ my dear and have a nice day.

  6. Dear u don’t have to worry. There is a God that heals every sickness and disease at the Omega Fire Ministries, Auchi, Edo State. The God of Apostle Johnson Suleman is able to take off that load from ur shoulder and puts a smile on ur face. I bet my life for it, just go and u will have a course to thank God. God bless u!

  7. It’s only The Lord God that has the final say. By The Lord stripes we are healed. Therefore Tonto by his stripes you are healed. You will come out stong and better. May The Lord be with you.

  8. U are healed by His stripes as u confess, just move closer to Him bcos He is d only one who can save u, just try to accept JESUS into ur heart whole heartedly, doctor can predict but know it that it is Only JESUS that can say d final and i beliv He will preserve u and all of us shall praise God with u, Amen. Be brave

  9. MyBeloved. Ur Destiny NO MAN CAN Abort. U wil Fulfill God’s Purpose 4 ur lyf. Ur Destined 4 Exploit. Ur Destined 4 Signs & Wonders Unlimited. Ur illustrated 2 Dominate The World. Ur WONDERFULY & FEARFULLY Made in d very image of God Almighty. If God can do it 4 me. He can do it 4 u 2.hav bin hospitalized. But gonna b discharge 2 9t.al 2 God’s own glory. Am d only 1 my 3kids hav got “as a Widow” NOW. RECEIVE UR DIVIN HEALIN.IJN

  10. Swie..ion know how to say dis..am jest an ordinary low class gal buh i can assure u dat u can stil be famous while serving God..dis is my number 08092680982..i just wish u can contact mhi..i promise to help u awt in any endeavour dat money iz exceptional cuz ion need d money or fame..just contact me if u want dearie..i can be a lil friend

    1. Tonto, there is stl hope 4u 2live more yrs. U can enroll 2 christ embassy healing sch in lagos, south africa or canada. By God’s grace through our man of God, pst chris God wl heal u.

  11. d doctor may v given d notes but d man whom d grave could nt hold v nt n rem he went 2 d cross 4 ur healn sweeti keep smiln

  12. If She is playing or joking herself to death that her business. There is know idle words because by your words are you justified and your words also you are condemned. Who ever knows her should advise her because of cheap character play in the name of celebrity. I am not saying this because of what she just posted but because of her past activities.
    She is following Americans Caleb’s that ferp in bondage. Jesus is real ready to save. If she care. Life here on earth is so small compare to. Life after death. Let her think and seek help Jesus who have make salvation available to all mankind

  13. By the anointing of God upon me,i pray oh where this sickness comes from, i return it back to sender in jesus name amen.i declear whatever name is the sickness i command it to vanish in jesus name.GO FOR TEST N CALL THIS NUMBER_08125067960 for testmony.

  14. Come on dear whose report will u believe or rely on? Regardless of wat d Doc mite have come up with God’s word will eventually prevail @ d end. Hold on 2 hope u’ll live and not die.

  15. You will not die God is able to save you just believe read Isaiah 54 vs17 no weapon fashioned against you shall prosper no tongue rise against you in judgment shall be condem

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  17. Please repent and confess you sin and you will be forgiven.And your healing will come forth. leave your old ways and see what God will do.

  18. dear sist tonto,,just have urr faith strong in d lord n he wil surely rescue u frm evry bondage of sickness.its well

  19. Trust me when I say that the God of my father, the man God is using to set the captive free, Prophet TB Joshua. God in is mercy will give u a 2nd chance to live. just believe

  20. Pls my dear tonto,if its true and its not a rumour,please i will advice you go to church for healing cus the word of the lord is final.i have a church u will attend and God will heal you by ur faith.the address is divine intervention ministry aka odumeje,located in onitsha

  21. Pls say dis prayer nd Believe. Dear God I kw dat I am nt perfect, I kw sometimes I forgot pray, I kw I hv questiond my faith, I kw sometimes I loose my temper, but thank u for loving me, unconditionally nd giving me another day to star re live , Amen. Pls give ur life to christ he alone can save u.

  22. There is nothing God can not do. don’t give up on him. for he will never give up on you Tonto. you shall be well again. everything will be aright.

  23. Its a good thing that you have an idea when you will die, the doctors too cant decide but they only try there best. A word of advice continue to be a happy person till the end and the most important thing is make amends with your creator before you go back to the bible and see what God wants you to do before you Leave and only after you do this will you have peace to move to the next phase of living, Death is not the end it is the beginning

  24. Tonto there is one sure escape route and that is Jesus tell him 2 4give u and those u offended too.I pray God to heal u in Jesus name,amen.

  25. From my own understanding, she did not say she was gonna live for 5 months. “Even if the Doctor says, ma’am you’ve got 5 months to live” she was only trying to stir up and give hope to the sick in such condition.

  26. My dear Tonto, do not worry about whatever negative things people will say to you at this point in time. Just be focused on God and your Healing for he is about to do a New thing in your life. Remember, do not reply anyone who has said negative things to you. They did same to Job but he later surmounted them all through the LOVING GRACE OF GOD. YOU ARE HEALED. LOTS OF LOVE all the way from GHANA.