“You once begged me to buy you Gucci when you visited Malaysia,” Hushpuppi replies Phyno

It’s getting hotter between Phyno and Hushpuppi!

So incased you missed it, drama started yesterday when the Malaysia-based Nigerian rich boy shamed Phyno and Iceprince for allegedly wearing fake Patek wristwatches.

“If you don’t want people to patronise pirated copies of your work, don’t patronise pirated copies of other’s work,” said Hushpuppi in his SnapChat diss.

“We are not on the same level” Phyno then replied in a set of brutal posts dragging Hushpuppi to hell and back. Read HERE

Hushpuppi has now replied Phyno again, this time promising him 5m naira if he shows him photos of the houses he claims to have. See the snaps below:

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Can't remember who i stole this bio from or why

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  1. Puppy or what ever listen it’s not all about the money o, sometimes humbling your self before your creator and the world matters, imagine you saying you’ll give Phyno 5m of he shows you the house. When students are starving in school, struggling to pay fees just to meet up, you are here making noise over nothing, if I ask you for that same money now, you’ll tell the world I ask you to pay my fees

  2. He is seeking for notice. Well done sir.. we have seen you. You are the one blowing whistle for yourself

  3. Guy you are very stupid by trying my man phyno ,how much you get way you dey challenging phyno, park one side ,u no reach ,Na small boy dey disturb you Hushpuppi

  4. Phyno is a legend known around the world by original home boys.

    What are you hush hushpuppi/puppies abi Na dog you be?

  5. Puppy guy,hope no be attention u de seek O,bc as i c as u de tlk,u be big boi,buh u sopos knw sai no be everythng wey big bois c,dem de tlk.
    Phyno n ice,as u tak tlk am,piracy,u sure sai dem no buy dos watch na onu original? No de de too quick to judge,my guy

  6. Hush-Nkita is here……. God please take this Nkita back, he has over stayed his welcome on earth…..

  7. Puppy or what I wish u no d meaning of ur name (NWA NKITA)don’t worry one day u will tell us how u make ur own money EVANS INTERNATIONAL

  8. I wonder why some people like trouble. Puppy boy, you wanted to live a childish lifestyle and nobody complained, now you are interfering to another people’s lifestyle; what’s your problem? What’s your occupation? You sold one of your kidney and many people don’t know about that, (if you can have an x-ray scan and show me you have two kidney, I will give you 10 million). Before I forget; can you talk about the crimes you committed while in Malaysia? My man let’s be straightforward, phyno is bigger than you, stop hunting for cheap fame

  9. U need fans aby,,,u no fill see,,go to hell wit ur money ,,,who u help,,common cucci or cucty foull?if i slap u…..

  10. The other time was Davido my man, now is phyno my mentor….whts the problem with this MONEY MISS ROAD guy haaa nawaooo….puppi dog or whatever u call yourself stop this stupid attitude of yours is too bad. So u mean that ur shoe is now made of gold or wht…Big boy na for ur house not on social media besides real big boys don’t talk.

  11. All of u shut up dia wu b ogyno for where huspupi dey. Most of u na still mama chop thank you when you enta street and feel d dark side u will know hushpuppi no phyno mate anywhere. Hushpuppi boss me I envy u oo if I fit just dey hang out with you my life don change. No mind den me boss dey don’t know what it feels to be self made. So many sleepless NYT . if una think say una sabi talk oya enta NY Fb page see small sample una dey here dey run DAT gutter una call mouth this is OG_WEST if I hear PHY talking of NO una Facebook account go vanish without trace . see dia mouth like phyno ………….. HUSHPUPPI NA HIM FADA MAKE HIM GO BEG DA BOSS my menthor no b wicked man he g forgive am … LONG LIVE TEN FNGERS

    1. Your problem be person wey never see money before my guy.. You no pray make people dey run follow you like hushpuppy, you dey beg make he turn you to Gucci bag and carry you all along…. Ode!!!

  12. Morons leave this people you guys should try consentrate on whatever you doing

    .hush pupy got his money let him front it…Mr hush I dey feel you please jekomo…. If them no won hear

  13. Comment:hushpuppi Having D Moni Matters, U Have A Blessed Hustle, Respecting Other People’s Hustle Matters. Kukuma Find Ur Guy (me) 2m So We Know U A Possitive Guy!!!

  14. This #Hushpippu of a guy is one of the most daft human on earth
    in fact, he is the dumbest male ever created.
    How are you getting your ill-fated ??
    You this bag of rubbish,boasting of dough, like you are the maker of the world, maybe you’ve forgotten who Job, Samson were. In less than a second, all your feathers can be cut off. My dear foolish child(coz I believe you are a kid if not, you won’t be boiling up trouble) humble thyself so, your days shall be long.
    Funny thing is, I don’t even know you, I had to check you up when I saw all the jackshit you’ve been posting. If you must know, you are a nonentity.when you die, your money and fame will go down the drain, but this wonderful personalities which you are beefing,their legacy will always remain forever.
    You really need to get SENSE THIS YEAR, before the year comes to an end else you will be a FOOL FOREVER

  15. hush stop been like dis..
    behave lik d big boy u claim to bee….
    i tu like phino nd ice. they don’t talk tu much

  16. U fucking with street if you don’t no.. Better watch your back.. U think that Gucci is bullet proof..

  17. Puppy u just showed d world d height of ur childishness,u claim 2 b rich right, let me ask u a question:hw many soul have been established or have gotten 2 d top true ur help or how many mouths have u feed,hw many people have u clothed whole heartedly, how many souls have u inspired?????maturity thou is nt hw old u are but hw coordinated u are and ur behavior 2 some circumstances.rich guys don’t talk aloud, they just stay calm and allow their genue curtsey speak 4 them. The time and money u waste on ur collections spend it on helping lives and see if u won’t b loved by all. First was Davido who u claimed u are richer than and that there’s a difference between omo baba low and baba olowo bt that young man helps lives and establish destinies and that’s d utmost of it all. So my dear don’t flatter urself over nothing.

  18. To all hushpuppi fans or what ever u cals him

    …Rubbish …i can never or ever in this life worship ,dab or fan any idiot in this life ….i work for my self an am very ok with what i have achieved in life…am not in competition with any body…in as much as i can afford 3squl meal every day of my life am ok…not even d USA president i can dab for……or fan in this life …..well big dogs don’t shout…i have a school mate who can buy hushpuppi family in 1mins but that guy so humble u wouldn’t even no he has 6 oil wells in this life …. An this goat is here talking trash about people that wear original or not…whats he’s bizness with dem …..???is he d owner of gucci? Was he bron when gucci 1st came out ??is he’s name crested on any designers in this world???? Is hes name in d Guinness book of records for buying d most expensive gucci in this life ??so y is he making noise ?? rubbish…..hushpuppi my litter dog name ..

  19. hush, this is not call for, u boys are doing it right, let be happy for our better life and face the leaders and not ourself…. baba, think, dragging ur legs and other out on social media no be em at all

  20. Hushpupi is just seeking for attension, his trying to be popular by insulting peoeple.money ritual dosnt last long my dear.u can never be respected like pyhno or iceprince zamani . Just get a life

    Nigga you dont need sh*t tho,you are already famous.
    you ain’t patek ambassador nor Gucci ambassador,this niggas are yours
    coz you are all Nigerians.so be your brothers keeper even tho they are wearing fake designers.
    You’ve gat what it takes to have your own brand stop promoting GUCCI in Nigeria without gaining anything.

  22. I’M Chardon the only Don of myself,i wear bendown select and am comfortable with it,phyno fine-oh,the people/God got your back nothing do you,dont mind some small boys that want to bring you down,we,re with you,puppi little boy who you help?

  23. Let me guess…this guy woke up one morning and all that came to his head was phyno’s wrist watch,then he reasoned how much attention he can earn from it..
    bros puppy,you got what you wanted(attention)..everyone now know you are rich..you accuse someone of wearing cheap/fake watch yet you advertise your self in a cheap and maybe fake way.

  24. Bro Hushppupi! Don’t be mad at me just give me anything you get since your money too much and na only shoe wa go fit buy house you the use am the buy +2348060134843

  25. Hmm! Hush puppy/doggy
    If u know say ur Gucci shoes or Gucci designer u get cost so much den make Una sell am, carry d money go orphanage or church or wer d money is needed and stop bracing about ur so-called ‘Malaysian Money’
    Nig** lukin lyk a bouncer. ??