‘Never put your dreams in the hands of Ambode and Buhari, they don’t know you’ – Hushpuppi writes in open letter ‘To Every Ghetto Kid’

‘Dream big!’ — Is what echoes in the words of Hushpuppi to young struggling Nigerians.

Ray HushPuppi has some words of motivation for ever hustling Nigerian this good Friday. The letter reads thus:

A Letter to the Ghetto Kid:

As a man that I am today who developed from being one of you guys, who went through the same struggles you are presently going through, who had to run and jump hurdles where other kids just walk past the same situation in a better environment with better resources and much provisions, I know the society do not expect you to make it, the government don’t care about your future, they toy and joke around making rules and laws that only affect you and benefit the rich.

You lack everything it requires to become who you might have loved to be, do the things you would have loved to do or to live the life you may have seen on TV or the internet, which I know you even have limited access to because there’s never power supply for such, which means you are deprived most of the things that can be learnt through TV and internet in the first place which makes your dreams smaller, quicker to fade away but I want you to know that darkness you are, without the dark, the stars won’t shine and so you can shine out if that darkness.

You have been deprived so many right a child deserves and the world look down on you because you are nothing but a clot of blood miraculously turned a baby, and an unfortunate one at that.

Good health, good foods or good education hasn’t been in any way your chance to have. Looking at you disgusts not your brethren only but even strangers are not so impressed for your unhealthy appearance. Your strength; courage; and dreams are nothing but hallucination just because you were not supposed to dream big.

I am sure nobody ever believed in whatever you say or do. You have been victimized by neighbours; friends; and even family members who were supposed to give you hope.

This is my story, this is me and this is the hushpuppi you have been hearing about.

The Ghetto kid in me is at Its peak and ready to explode and spread around the globe. I am you and you are me. I represent every under privileged kid of the world and especially of Nigeria and of Lagos and of Bariga and of Oworonsoki — Where a landlord had chased me and my family out of a rented room.

I’ll never forget the look on my mother’s face trying to send me and my and my siblings to neighbours and relatives and the sadness in the eyes of my siblings. Now, you see I represent you? Trust me I know how it feels to not have parents come watch you in school play football or run races in ur school, I know how it feels to come out your apartment to take showers in a zinc sheet bathroom separated from the building.

The society made me who I am today, I was never one of those who their parents couldn’t afford a movie ticket to see a movie when Silverbird cinema came newly, I shared shoes, toiletries and underwears with my younger ones as well as mats and see me now at my early thirties, I am writing you a letter from one of the favourite places any human alive would have loved to be, billionaire or penniless.

Nobody is listening to your cries; your lamentation; and your grievances are not felt a bit. If I had sat down complaining about the bad government; bad economy; bad friends, I will not be here today.

I had a dream I was not supposed to cry, knowing nobody would listen, so I rose from the hood and decided to do the things my forefathers never did. I crossed the seas, walked through burning bushes, jumped over thorns and barbed wire. A lot of people know me from when I used to use okada to be selling ‘akube’ clothes to boys that was making cheddars in diff hotels up and down the mainland of Lagos.

Look at yourself, do you like the way you are right now? Are you pushing beyond limits? Are you succumbing to the tune of the selfish ‘Baba Alaye’ in your neighbourhood? Nobody will help you if you decide not to help yourself even hailing Hushpuppi 1,000 wouldn’t help you either, be about you, get up, pick a struggle, leave your comfort zone, work hard at it, pray a lot and don’t kiss ass, rich people are users and inconsiderate.

Dear hustling hood kid, let no man hold you down. My advice for you is never to put your dreams in the hands of Ambode and Buhari, they don’t know you, they don’t believe in you cos there’s millions of people like you on their neck, it’s not much they can do if they can even do anything at all so don’t expect you will ever win or make it by waiting for anyone. I just want to see…

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  1. Dear Hushpuppi 1st and foremost I appreciate God for your life having gotten you this far after so many Huddle’s particularly the ones you suffered while you were under your parent . And I also appreciate your effort at encouraging young hustling boy and girl to stay focus.
    But I have 1 question and a advice to add
    Kindly tell us boldly how you became this rich, do u get all this money u splash around on luxury selling akube in Lagos, or you invented something we want to know so as to be better motivated .
    My advice
    No body expect anything from Ambode nor Buhari nor any previous or present political office holder
    We only expect good governance and dividence of democracy and am sure you must have seen a lot of that when you got back into the country expeciallly in Lagos
    Having said that it’s very important not to get too emotional with the charge by trying to discredit the government of the day with such an inciteing statement. I had rather you expounged that part from your above write up
    Will be happy to get your response

    Love you bro ..

      1. How is he a bad belle? Is d question bad ni? Is it by selling akube dat he bcame dos rich ? Aaaaah

  2. Well we don’t need to ask where he made his from okay like a saying “eda tio mo ibi ti egbie ti la ere asala lo ma sa’ku all we need do now is get on our feet and get motivated by his speech thanks do much Bro @hurshpuppy

  3. Thanks hushpuppi for this inspirational ted talk you have shared through social media really appreciate it..thanks so much bro..thumbs up..can we talk pls..inbox me on my [email protected]

  4. in addition to what Andrew states, bro we do really appreciate ur encouragement to the youth, but please sir can you help me? If it touches ur heart sir dis is my contact….07038607697…am a song writer, Singer and also a dancer, but no financial assistance to make the dream becomes big, please sir I really need ur help,…thanks once again…

  5. Every ghetto kid and young nigga of today want yo be like boss hushpuppil pls help us achieve these dreams boss,more blessing…

  6. How many rich hustling guy can explain how he makes his money ?but they can only talk about how they suffered. Well said hush puppy and good advice for we hustlers . Human being make money differently and we all eat the same rice but In different dishes . We wil all have a good story to tell one day. Thank God for your life bro .

  7. ?keep the hustle? spirit alive all street hunters in other too change the story for good nice one ?HUSHPUPPI GUCCI?????????. N.P.G

  8. U spoken my mind and the mind of many of us, ride on many of us too are coming behind you, keep blessing God, 1lovebro

  9. That’s the problem I always have with you guys begging while u have two hands and legs. This young man just finished advising, motivating us to stand up for ourselves and you’re requesting for help sending phone numbers! Don’t go n build ur dreams protect it with all what up got dey wait for hushpuppi

  10. Nice one bro…One thing is sure….To all the determined souls there is a pay day..
    Happy sunday

  11. everything you said is accurate and i thank God for ur live today, i pray God help me too to get to that dream Land of mine. Amen!!!

  12. You just spoke my mind…..take it from a guy that lost his dad 22yrs ago and mum 14yrs ago…..I was force to be a man at the age of 14 after I lost my mum….I sale in a mama put restaurant at the age of 14 to gather money for my secondary school and I was paid as liltle as 200 per day and after I gain admission in to the higher institution ö have to be doing labourer sale cloths and even recharge card….but when I look at the man I have made my self to become I know you out there can do better…I never blame it on death or families and government…
    I knew as a little boy what I want froM life
    Well I maybe a lapalapa boy but I have done well for my self and I know my parent are proud of the man I have become….
    Now that same boy that work in a restaurant at the age of 14 is now going to a good cooking school ro be a chef….and i know i am still going place you can do better than me…don’t blame it on anyone….
    Only you can change your future and that of your generation
    The choice is yours
    Enough is a word for the wise